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Welcome to my small, crazy corner of the internet! Every Friday is a new post relating to books, movies, TV shows, or writing. On Wednesdays is a writing prompt or challenge. And interspersed are movie, TV show, and book reviews. Enjoy!

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The Orville vs Discovery: Which One is More Trek

Star Trek has always had a defining feel to it - one of hope for mankind, of the ability for different people from different backgrounds to come together for one goal, and of surviving despite all odds. It's this feeling that made the original Star Trek series, which aired during a hopeless and divided time in history, so popular and loved.

Writing Prompt: Remember Me

Writing prompt: pendants are a little overused when it comes to family memorabilia or otherwise emotional items. Choose another thing - a bracelet, hair piece, rubber duck, etc - for someone, and write a touching backstory for that object. 

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