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Welcome to my small, crazy corner of the internet! Every Friday is a new post relating to books, movies, TV shows, or writing. On Wednesdays is a writing prompt or challenge. And interspersed are movie, TV show, and book reviews. Enjoy!

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Breaking All The Rules

The thing with rules is that they are usually there for a reason, but there is an exception to every rule (and an exception to that rule, too). But exceptions aren't just random - there's a reason why that particular exception is an exception. The exceptions are the ones that don't violate the reason why that rule is in place. 

Why Motivation May Be The Worst Word (Discipline, Part 2)

My mom once gave me relationship advice that I think applies here: You need to marry someone who you both like and love, because there are going to be some days that you don't like him (or her), and that's when you love him. And there's some days you won't love him, and that's when you remember you like him. And there's going to be some days that you don't like or love him, and that's when you remember you made a commitment. 

Writing Every Day (Discipline, Part 1)

Most likely, you've heard that advice before. It's maybe the most said writing advice ever. And there are many reasons for that, and many good things that come from taking this advice. But there's one benefit that, to me, seems to be overlooked. 

Hemsworths and Hiddlestons: Thor Ragnarok Review

Friday saw the release of the much-awaited Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok. With amazing trailers proceeding the movie for quite some time, and Marvel's impressive record, Ragnarok was a very promising movie. Very, very promising. Promising to the point where I am actually surprised it managed to live up to it's promises. 

Why We Should Care About Disney

Anyone paying attention can see what an effect Disney has on it's young audiences. Most children are introduced to Disney at a young age, during a vital developmental period in their lives. These children are inexperienced and innocent, and what is taught during this point in their lives stick. 

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