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December 2016

What Popular Fandoms All Have in Common

This is, however, a list fun things that fans like when accompanied by good, likable characters with a thought-out compelling plot that takes place in a well-built world.

Why Newt Scamander is an Important Main Character

You know what's annoying in a main character? It's when the movie/series/books display him/her as this socially awkward person in the beginning of the movie, but by the end of the movie the character is perfectly "normal". Or when they weren't even that "not normal" to begin with.

Daily Prompt: Festive

Over the years Chay had been in many different countries during Christmas.

Daily Prompt: Discover

In his bedroom, above his bed, in bright orange letters, was the word "DISCOVER".


SPOILER ALERT! Recently, I watched the new Disney movie Moana, and I absolutely loved it. The movie has a lot going for it - a strong female character, no yucky love story, and a plot twist that even my I've-been-watching-these-movies-for-fifty-years mom couldn't predict. The soundtrack was amazing, and the actual songs? They were the perfect blend of character development and plot advancement.

Daily Prompt: Calm

The constant assault of lights and images that only she could see - the auras and things with no names that distracted her, even when she was alone - it all kept her from feeling calm.

In Defense of Fan Art

As a fanfiction writer, I see fan creations as a gateway to original works. Experimenting with fanfiction gives the writer experience with characterization, dialogue, sticking to previously established rules, grammar, formatting, title-giving, and summarizing. Fan art is a lot like this as well. Using fan art, the artist can learn about proportions, colors, facial expressions, and much more. Someone who can't draw can start with fan art, and slowly build up to the more original pieces, until they are doing their own work.

Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Too many times had she seen performers get too caught up in perfectionism and the stress of life and lose the enthusiasm that made them go after this life in the first place. But she was determined to not let that be her.

Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

But 2016 wasn't completely horrible. Charities still gave and people still took the time to help one another out. So instead of wallowing in the bad events of the year, let's focus on the good.

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