Strong Female Isn’t a Personality

A strong female character in fiction is often seen as a set personality - cold, vicious, doesn't take any BS type of girl. But why?


The Deathsong of Uther Pendragon

During this episode, Arthur finds a magic horn that lets him talk to his dead father, Uther, but accidentally releases his father's ghost onto Camelot. Or at least that's what Gauis says the problem is. But I don't think that was Uther's ghost.

On Romance

The number one problem with romance, as I said above, is when the chemistry seems forced. When two characters are forced together for no reason other than because they need to be in a relationship, it comes across as... well, forced. Force relationship are dry, and much worse than letting characters stay single.

Building a Boat

The leaders in the book show great teamwork, skilled knowledge, and are overall good coaches. But Joe's difficulties with trusting his teammates is definitely the biggest takeaway of the book.

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