Initial Impressions of Star Trek: Discovery

Today marked the release of a new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, on CBS and CBS All Access. The release of this new show had been hyped up for months, and I was very excited going in. Today I was able to watch the the first two episodes, and it's first impression was not that... Continue Reading →


The Good and the Bad of Spider-Man: Homecoming

I didn't have high hopes for Spider-Man: Homecoming. My parents got to see it almost a month before I did, and they warned me it wasn't great. But I didn't want to miss any development in the MCU, and it had Iron Man in it, so I went to see it anyways.  I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't surprised either. There was a lot of things Spider-Man did extremely well, but there were a few things - well, one thing - that kept the movie from being overly enjoyable. 


The biggest struggle I had, and have seen other writers struggle with, is keeping the two worlds balanced. The main character Interference is Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. By the time of the story, she's been immortal for a while now, and challenging her while keeping her as skilled as she should be was challenging. 

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