In Defense of Fanfiction 

I write fanfiction. A lot.


Hemsworths and Hiddlestons: Thor Ragnarok Review

Friday saw the release of the much-awaited Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok. With amazing trailers proceeding the movie for quite some time, and Marvel's impressive record, Ragnarok was a very promising movie. Very, very promising. Promising to the point where I am actually surprised it managed to live up to it's promises. 

Why We Should Care About Disney

Anyone paying attention can see what an effect Disney has on it's young audiences. Most children are introduced to Disney at a young age, during a vital developmental period in their lives. These children are inexperienced and innocent, and what is taught during this point in their lives stick. 

The Orville vs Discovery: Which One is More Trek

Star Trek has always had a defining feel to it - one of hope for mankind, of the ability for different people from different backgrounds to come together for one goal, and of surviving despite all odds. It's this feeling that made the original Star Trek series, which aired during a hopeless and divided time in history, so popular and loved.

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