What Wonder Woman Did Right (Besides Everything)

I didn't have a lot of faith in Wonder Woman. The last two DC movies I had seen were disappointing, and I honestly doubted DC had suddenly gotten their act together.  Man, was I surprised. 


Why Did They Kill Off Superman?

I'm not a big DC fan, but I went to Batman vs. Superman. I wasn't impressed. There was a lot of problems with movie that I could discuss, one of which was the "death" of Superman. I just don't understand why they did it? Did they actually think anyone in the audience would believe that... Continue Reading →

Repetitive Flaws in the Arrowverse TV Shows

Lately, we've been watching CW's four superhero shows - the "arrowverse" as I've heard it called - and I've been finding myself more and more annoyed at the TV shows. There are multiple, reoccurring things that I have found myself shouting at the TV for, and these are the most annoying of them.

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