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Interesting Way to Do Character Sheets

So a while back I was looking for characters sheets and quizzes to help with the characters I was writing. Some were the typical character sheets - the ones made for authors. But I came across one that was for personal insight. Originally, I was going to tackle it the way I usually do. But a little ways into the first one I started having fun with it. I think I found out more about my characters through that.

The Palace of Snow

The sun reflected off the snow It was as bright as it was cold The wind howled as it brought up snow A sight prettier than gold

Character Dating Profile

I found this while looking around, and decided to try it out using the main character of my current novel-in-progress. This is from his character at the start of the story.

Valentine’s Day Week Fanfiction Full List

Valentine’s Day Week stories 1-3/7

Daily Prompt: Gone

How does something just disappear?

Daily Prompt: Festive

Over the years Chay had been in many different countries during Christmas.

Daily Prompt: Discover

In his bedroom, above his bed, in bright orange letters, was the word "DISCOVER".

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