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Ten Things I Learned From and About Writing This Half-Year

1. I can write romance

For the entire month of July, I will have no - that is, zilch - internet access or access to a computer. There will still be posts every Friday, but nothing outside of that. As much as I love this... Continue Reading →

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Beauty vs. Plot

One of the biggest things everyone stresses when writing a book is plot (and characters, and settings, and ....). But is the same true for the big screen?

On Character Motivation

Basically, characters need to do something. Change something. Actually do something to the plot.

On My Posts

This page is my place to get down all my thoughts on TV shows, books, movies, fandoms, and writing. I have scheduled posts every Friday relating to the above topics. I am a Potterhead, Merlinian, Whovian, PJO fan (demigod?), Sherlockian,... Continue Reading →

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Hello! This is my page for reviews about books, movies, TV shows, and anything else movie related. Updates will happen every week, on Friday. Each week will bring a new topic for readers to enjoy! Enjoy 🙂

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