To Relationship or Not To Relationship?

One of the areas in the fictional female character's life that needs to be considered when trying to write, for lack of better terminology, a "strong female" is relationships.



Flags. It's a seemingly simple concept: a piece of cloth with a design on it that represents something.  Simple, right?

What to Avoid When Writing Female Leads

Female leads are a good thing, or at least they should be. But when handled incorrectly, they can be annoying or even a story killer. This list is what I personally think are the biggest things to avoid when writing a story with a female lead.


The biggest struggle I had, and have seen other writers struggle with, is keeping the two worlds balanced. The main character Interference is Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. By the time of the story, she's been immortal for a while now, and challenging her while keeping her as skilled as she should be was challenging. 

On Awkward Characters

Media, unfortunately, often dictates how certain groups of people are perceived in society. This is why representation is so important in TV, movies, and books. This need for representation goes beyond just race, gender, and sexuality. It is also important with personality types and niches of humans. For instance, the way awkward characters are treated is often a misrepresentation.

Interesting Way to Do Character Sheets

So a while back I was looking for characters sheets and quizzes to help with the characters I was writing. Some were the typical character sheets - the ones made for authors. But I came across one that was for personal insight. Originally, I was going to tackle it the way I usually do. But a little ways into the first one I started having fun with it. I think I found out more about my characters through that.

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