Said: Not As Evil As You Think It Is

One of the pieces of advice often found when wandering the internet is to avoid the word "said" at all cost. And, well... this just isn't good advice.


Writing Prompt: Remember Me

Writing prompt: pendants are a little overused when it comes to family memorabilia or otherwise emotional items. Choose another thing - a bracelet, hair piece, rubber duck, etc - for someone, and write a touching backstory for that object. 

Writing Prompt: Worldview

Going off a trend I have seen a lot on Facebook writing pages.... Writing Prompt: You come from a planet far away, and it's your first time on Earth. Take a fairly common object and write about how you would see it, if you had never seen anything like it before. 

Writing Prompt: Newcomer

Writing Prompt: An alien comes to Earth to learn the ways of our species. Part of the research is to mimic a human - however, the human chosen doesn't understand our species any better. Write about what comes from this - the mistakes, the conversations, the misinformation given, etc....

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